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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 21, Gifts

Imagine how it would feel if God presented you with a gift.  All aglow in His pure love, it would feel so special to receive from Him.

Really special.  Oh, my.

It’s a mini birthday season in my family, so there is a little talk about gifts.  We also have been talking a lot about Our Gifts, the special talents we each have and those that we share.  And then there’s also been talk about being responsible to care for our belongings like we would be for someone else’s.

It all got me thinking about the sacred gifts that God gives us.  Even our bodies are sacred gifts directly from God.  Imagine God handing it to you as a sacred gift.  I don’t know about you, but that resonated deeply with me.  How would I treat a sacred gift from God?  Would I dump on it and treat it as replaceable?  I most certainly would not!  I would hold it precious, nurture it, treat it as special.

So the next time we ate out, I suggested we not indulge in special drinks.  And that felt good, to respect this sacred gift we received directly from God.

I hope that my respect grows and deepens, until I can see and feel deeply that every breath, every moment truly is a gift from above.


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