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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 20, Pockets

Although pockets aren’t a must-have on clothing for me, I use them a lot in life.  You know how people sometimes survive major catastrophes by finding a pocket of air?  I am talking about a rather mundane version of that kind of pocket.

Pockets occur when I can squeeze something in that feeds my soul.

I call them pockets because I first started using these little bits of time where I could fit something small and snug into a small, snug timeslot.  In retrospect, however, I have used life-size pockets lately too.  Here are some examples of pockets:

In a small pocket, I might do a grounding, clearing, heart meditation, or energy healing for someone.  Jumping jacks, stretches, breathing exercises also are examples.  But they also occur when the kids are content and my husband and I can sneak in a moment together.  They are opportunities for something vital and soul-nourishing that can squeeze into a shorter time slot.

I’ve also asked God to use my life as a sort of pocket.  For instance, when my youngest son came along, I was smack in the middle of an advanced homeopathy course that I enjoyed very much.  I only needed two more classes to graduate, but I decided that the family sacrifice was too great at that point for me to persist with the program.  I suspended my participation.

But then I asked God to teach me what I needed to know through life experience.  I learned a lot about remedy selection, dosing, potency, aggravations, and working with Spirit.  I learned as my family and I were treated homeopathically.  I also learned by helping people.  Family, friends … I was helping people frequently with issues ranging from the common cold to much more complicated concerns.  I learned from reading, from listening.

I do believe that I became the homeopath that I am in large part because of this detour in my education.  My structured education was very helpful, too, but much of what makes me a unique homeopath comes from the life-based learning and development of my spiritual gifts.

So, if you aren’t making use of pockets in your life at present, I highly recommend them!



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