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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 17, Virtualize

When you cannot give someone a hug in person, when you wanna add extra oomph to your hug, or when you want to add a little sumpin sumpin to your prayer, try these two practices ….

You might want to Ground and Protect first.

Send Out Your Heartlight:  I snagged this from a tip Cynthia Slon was giving my daughter for something else.  Hehe.  When I am separated from family or pets and want to give them a hug, or if I want to add extra comfort to a  hug I’m giving to someone who is distraught, I virtualize my hug.  I imagine a golden light emanating from my heart like a beacon toward the other person’s heart then enveloping them like a hug or even an orb.

Try it first on someone in the room with you.  I just told my husband I was going to try something and wanted to know how he felt.  He sat there, I sent him a heartlight hug, and he said it felt relaxing.  Nothing wrong with that!

[By the way, I suspect that it is really just sending out God’s light of love that exists in all of us and connects all of us ….]

Blessing Sprinkles:  When I see someone who clearly needs help, I pray that the needed help is provided and that the person opens up to receive it. I also visualize blessings sprinkling on them like golden light sprinkles of Holy Water.  [This is a variation on a gratitude sprinkle from Rhonda Byrnes’ book, The Magic, a 28-day introduction to gratitude practices.]

Try it on someone in the room with you first–my husband said it felt tingly the first time I tried it, and the second time he said he felt the same kind of relaxing feeling as the Heartlight Hug.


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