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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 15, Know Thyself

i realize that I am highly analytical and not everyone who shares this planet with me shares that … er … attribute.  There are a few benefits to being so analytical, however, and one of them is being able to help yourself.

As you know already, I believe that the sooner you catch something, the better.  That’s true if you’re trying to treat an illness or if you are trying to modify your behavior.  It’s true if you have having a strong emotional response, and it’s true if your water heater is failing.

if you happen to know of yourself that you don’t really know your triggers, that you blow things off or stuff them for too long, take a dip in the pool of … let’s call it awareness.

Become more aware, first.

Then try dealing with it sooner rather than later–for emotions, you can use EFT, homeopathy, Bach flower essences, crystals, psychotherapy, or whatever resonates for you; for bodily injury you can use conventional medicine, homeopathy, cranial osteopathy / craniosacral therapy, etc.  For your house and car, most help is standard!

Notice the reward of simply addressing something as soon as you notice it is happening.  If you notice that every sickness starts with a little something in your throat, you can boost your immune system at that earliest sign, thereby increasing your chances with the virus.

There are numerous rewards for catching something early, and the rewards for figuring out the predecessor to your repeat ailments is even better.

If you notice that every time you yell at your kids, it was preceded by a “yes” that should have been a “no,” hold your boundaries firmer and avoid the disconnect that happens when we yell.  If you notice that you are cranky, try to figure out why so that the relationships with those around you don’t suffer on account of your singular frustration.

We were even highly rewarded by having an inspection done on our house 12 years after we bought it, just because I suspected there were problems brewing we didn’t know about and wanted to fix early.  The inspector found several problems that should have been caught when we bought the house, including some pretty big stuff.  We surely were glad to get all of those things fixed before they became a glaring problem!

Ya, we’re busy, yes the kids need to get here and there and we do too.  But if you can take a moment to initiate a practice of awareness, it’ll pay for itself many times over with workdays salvaged, vacations enjoyed, cars running when you need them, and let’s not forget plenty of hot water when you need a bath to relax!

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