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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 14, Be Inspired

I gotta tell ya’, my daughter amazes me sometimes.  Well, actually, a lot.

Many people look at her, look at us, and see what isn’t.  Believe me, I do that my fair share too.  Isn’t feeding herself.  Isn’t walking independently.  Isn’t talking the way we do.

But I gotta tell ya’…that girl has gumption.

I mean, she started her life with two medical mistakes that each threatened her life but she left the hospital defying all odds [they guessed she’d have a permanent g-tube, for instance, but she was nursing full-time, the hardest method of feeding for a baby].  She literally was bucked from a horse — during therapy! — and got back on.  Not only that, but she stayed in-touch with the horse [she can see Spirit, angels, etc.] and let me know when the horse was having trouble digesting the food in its new home [by the time I told the therapists, the new owners had figured it out].

Still sandy but smiling after showering off.
Still sandy but smiling after showering off.

Recently, she was so excited to try her walker at the beach that she suddenly ran for it, from a smooth paved path.  She literally tipped face-first and ended up with circles of sand around and in both eyes, both nostrils, and her mouth.  [Sore shoulder too.]  A nearby shower came in handy, and she was cooperative through the whole thing.  Never cried, never complained.  Walked away in her walker, laughing about it and also grimacing at the grit of sand in her mouth!  [Luckily, I had my little homeopathic first aid kit handy for help with her shoulder.]

We often see other people’s burdens as a reason to feel grateful for what we have.

But I am suggesting that you to do more than that:  Be inspired by people who seem to have something less than you.

We all have our gifts–notice theirs, appreciate them, and be grateful that they share this planet with you.

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