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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 13, Newsworthy

When my children were young, I avoided the news because it was too stressful for me.  I sequestered myself so thoroughly from current events that my mother and husband each made a point to let me know when nearby Mt. St. Helens was spewing smoke!

Then, a year or two ago, I started reading the news again.  It was tough for me. I decided to switch to the BBC news app so that I could get my news in brief–and even then, I had to shield myself far and wide before I checked the news.

But lately even the news headlines and those thumbnails deliver some dreadful images and horrendous news.  It’s rather unbearable for me.  I even awoke last night, worried about some of what is going on in the world.

So, how do I regain my footing when something like this happens?

It helps to start off with a good grounding.

The first thing I do is I pray for the people who are, have, or intend to commit wrongs against others.  I sometimes also ask that they are unburdened from any promises, perspectives, or experiences that tie them to their wrongdoing or intent to commit wrongs–in all direction sod time and for everyone involved.

Then I try the same for myself.

If that isn’t enough, I usually reach out to someone.  What helps me most is to connect with family.  It is especially helpful to hug my kids — they feel so safe and loved.  It is a good reminder, because most of all, I am worried about their safety and wellbeing.  It brings me back into the present moment, and I can feel to my core how safe they are.  By hugging them I also get back into that place of love and connection that keeps me steady in God’s light.  It’s grounding in and of itself–brings me present, centered, and in God’s light.

I also try to remind myself that we are all here fulfilling our purposes for God.  I know this:

Fear keeps us out of God’s light.

Staying on my path adds light.

Light beats darkness every time.


Sending out light and love, hoping we can spread it together ….

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