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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 10, Spread the Love

I’m a big fan of expressing gratitude — thank you notes, texts, emails.  This idea is one I want to do but haven’t done yet.  The basic idea comes from Shawn Achor.  During his interview with Oprah, he mentioned a couple of simple happiness practices that imprMahaloove overall happiness if practiced daily for at least 21 days.  One of those is writing a one-line thank-you each day.

I do want to do that!

But today, what I am suggesting is a version of that:

Write one thank-you note to someone who helped you and to whom you have not expressed either your appreciation, the full extent of your appreciation, or the extent of their positive impact on your life.

Write one more thank-you note to someone who initially affected you negatively but whose actions ultimately were beneficial to you.  You turned lemons into lemonade.  You learned a lesson the hard way.  Whatever it may be.

You needn’t send either note, of course, I only suggest that you write it.  Then ‘send’ it off however you wish–with a prayer, a little fire.

But most of all, just hold it and enjoy it in your heart.  Acknowledge it, and know that you have, can, and will do the same for someone else.


2 thoughts on “21 Days of Fantastic: Day 10, Spread the Love

  1. Albert Schweitzer said that gratitude was the key virtue in life, both for personal happiness and harmonious living.

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    1. He was a remarkable person. I need to read your work about him!

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