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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 9, Your Life Purpose

Birthdate Chart for determining your 3 numbers — the last number is the one that contains info on your life purpose

All you need is your birthdate to know your life purpose?!

I heard an interesting radio show that led me to a book called, “Your Hidden Symmetry,” which I first borrowed from the library then purchased on iBooks [$9.99].  It’s also available at Amazon.

This book has been so helpful to me in the short time I’ve owned it.

If you have wondered about your purpose in life, this is a helpful book.If you are determined to fulfill your life purpose or frustrated because you cannot figure out your life purpose, this is an incredibly helpful book.  Even as a parent, this book was very helpful to me in knowing whether we had or how we could encourage our children along their life paths.

When you do lay your hands on the book, find your 3rd number and look it up in the relevant chapter.  That’s where you’ll see your life summed-up on 2-3 pages!

If you are nodding your head, nodding your head, and then completely befuddled by your actual life purpose, chances are that you really had no idea what your life purpose was.  This is a guiding light for you.

If you are reading about your 3rd number and nodding your head and then keep nodding your head, or opening your eyes wide and saying, “Oh, that’s why!” or other such responses to your experience and efforts being validated, chances are you already are on your path.

Either way, the information is extremely useful in my experience–but then again, fulfilling our life purposes is a really big deal to me.

And by the way, one’s life purpose can be achieved either in a career or outside of it.

Cover and the portion of the Table of Contents pertaining to Life Purpose
Cover and the portion of the Table of Contents pertaining to Life Purpose

There’s way more in the book, and all of it can help you figure out what your major challenges are and your strengths too.  Where you go in times of stress and some tools or alternatives that will be more helpful to you.  It can help you understand why everything has seemed so hard or why you start a lot of projects but finish a few. It can even help you understand the lessons that you are supposed to be learning so that you can embrace them quickly when they come along or recognize new opportunities to learn [hopefully through joy!].

As an example, I was just talking to someone whose 3rd number indicates that her life purpose is around appreciating and teaching others how to appreciate beauty and, specifically, the beauty of the moment.  At the moment, she is going through a major transition in her life and has felt that the lesson was all about trust.  But what if it is about staying in the moment?  I bet that would make it easier for her to do and learn, and it would push her further along her life path.  When I offered this to her, she felt that it brought greater clarity and can now stay more clearly in that centered place of trust and presence.  How beautiful is that?!  [And the ripple effect, in circles of light, will mean that more people will learn from her about staying in the present moment.]

Beginning summary of my life purpose.
Beginning summary of my life purpose.

Knowing your purpose helps you to keep this priority in mind, to recognize opportunities when you see them, and in my case, to feel more sure of the steps that I want to take.  For instance, people often tell me that I should write a book, a sort of memoir.  But I have few external credentials for being an author and think of memoirs as being of interest only for celebrities.  When I read that my life purpose is to release the wisdom in my bones, the wisdom of the ancestors that has been passed down, I felt more certain that I do have something to offer even without external credentials.

Ironically, my father has the same third number, as does my daughter and a friend of mine.  It manifests a bit differently in each of us, but it is interesting now to see, “Oh, that’s why we have these resonances.”

Looking at the life purpose of my eldest son has been very helpful, because his purpose is to change the world.  I gotta tell you, it isn’t easy raising a kid whose destiny is to change the world!  But we have tried very hard to support who he is, his interests, and to trust his path.  This book was an incredible validation for him and for us that his profound frustrations with “what is” are the basis for an incredible ability to help humanity.  But it also is a validation for the guidance that we have felt our son needed, informed perhaps a little more now.

For one more person who has been very successful in his career but also felt very lost in terms of knowing  his calling, his life purpose, this book was a big eye-opener.  The other descriptions were so exactly right, it was remarkable.  Then we get to the life purpose section of the 3rd number and see that some of it resonates but it is actually quite distant from his actual work.  We can see hints of relevant interests, career desires, etc., but he is so far from

So I do hope that you will find it at your local library, borrow it, get a copy for yourself, or maybe call in to that radio show for a live reading.

I’d love to hear your stories, too!  Meanwhile, enjoy!

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