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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 6, Stretch

I have found that a little bit of stretching is beneficial to body, mind, and spirit.

Stretch Your Body:  Stretching before we get out of bed is actually good for us!  Before I get out of bed, I spend a moment to bring God into my heart.  I like to follow that up with a Sun Salutation.  [Here’s one that is longer than the one I learned.]

At the end of the Salutation, I say a prayer asking that God light my path and help me to serve Him in all that I do and all that I say.

It is helpful to stretch throughout the day, as well.  The Mindful Moon app sometimes includes that suggestion, or you could add it to your list of beneficial alternatives to anything you are doing that is unhelpful to you.

Stretch Your Mind:  Constantly learning stretches the mind.  For me, it’s more than just factual knowledge.  Stretching the mind can be about stretching the heart.  Keep an open mind, keep an open heart, and that helps me to stay free of judgment.

Stretch Your Spirit:  Some years ago, I got stuck in a place where I felt I couldn’t take my kids to the playground by myself safely.  After reading a synopsis of Cheryl Strayed’s book, Wild, I took a concept from it…Just put one foot in front of the other.  It’s a bit like staying in the moment.

Just stretch your comfort zone a little tiny bit.

So I figured out two small playgrounds that were enclosed and where I could park nearby–that way I could keep a good eye on my young toddler and his shenanigans with his much older [but helpfully safety-minded] older brother while helping his older sister move her body.  With the car right there, I had a safety net nearby.  I decided we’d stay for only 45 minutes so that I wouldn’t max-out [in body, mind, or spirit].  It was incredibly liberating for all of us.


Before I sign-off, remember to be safe — even stretching sometimes needs medical clearance, so check with your doctor first.  And make sure you stretch your spirit safely too!



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  1. I will be curious what steps are in your Salutation … mine is different from Dr. Oz’s.

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