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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 5, Rainbows and Dragonflies

If you are into personal growth like I am, and I suspect that you are if you are reading this, you might have fallen into the dreaded Forward Trap.  I tend to look so much at what I want yet to accomplish, what I haven’t yet mastered, that everything I have done quickly becomes water under the bridge.  My set point rises each time I accomplish something and that becomes my new neutral.  I think it’s also known as [or at least related to] perfectionism.

So my suggestion today is to stop and look backward.

Look at the difficulties that you have overcome.

Look at the stuff people said you could never do that you did do.

Look at the where’s, the when’s, the how’s and celebrate them.

Celebrate you and let someone know about it.  Proclaim it, stand strong not just in who you are but in how far you have come on your path.  You’ve seen your path lit brightly before you.  Now look back and see how you found paths of light time and again.

Now you are and can be a beacon of light for others who are being told right now that what they want is impossible — healing, success, a change of circumstances, a change of heart.  Know that it was possible for you and you chose to make it happen, even to let it happen.  And know that it is possible for others who might find your beacon light and be inspired in their own ways for their own lives.

You are the rainbow and the dragonfly.  You are the special treat God gave to the world.

Be it, know it, shine it.

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