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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 1, Go Deep

I’ve picked up and found helpful a variety of little practices.  I’m going to share a bunch of them with you in the next 21 days.  They’re short, easy, and can yield profound results.  Try them and see which ones slip right into your life for a little more fantastic.

I’m such a big fan of gratitude, I’m gonna start there.

Try going deep with your gratitude.  [Here’s a hint:  It always goes back to God.]

Pick one thing — your spouse, drinking water, anything.  

Start at the surface:  I am so grateful to have water to drink.

Then go a bit deeper:  I am also grateful that my water is safe to drink.

Keep going:

I am so grateful to have water that is both safe and nourishing to drink.

I’m so grateful it is so easy for me to get safe, nourishing water to drink.

Wow, I am so grateful someone put safe pipes in this house.  Thank you for the people who built this house and kept my future safety and ease in mind.  Thank you for their hard work on my behalf .  Please bless their joy and health and safety.

Thank you also for the people who ensure that I have safe drinking water every day.  Thank you for the people who staff and tend the water supply and those who staff and tend the reservoirs.  Thank you for the people in positions of governmental authority who make decisions on my behalf that keep my drinking water safe and nourishing.

Thank you for the rain and snow that supplies the reservoirs with water.  Thank you for those who access the water in the reservoirs safely so that I might have safe water to drink and nourish my body.

Thank you for clean water and snow falling from the skies so that I might nourish my body with clean and safe water.

Thank you for the cycle of water, such that the clouds carry and release rain and snow.  Thank you also for the natural filtration systems that cleanse water not just for me but for all of Creation.

Thank you for the almighty Creator, who created a system so Divine and wonderful, that nature might make and cleanse water for us to drink.  Thank you for the nourishment we all gain from the gift of water–the gifts of body, mind, and spirit.

Thank you for the Divine Love with which all of us were created and made in His own image.  Thank you for the perfection that is life, the ease with which we can drink safely and happily from the cup of life.

Thank you,

thank you,

thank you.

2 thoughts on “21 Days of Fantastic: Day 1, Go Deep

  1. Beautiful and profound, Pam. I’m proud to call you my daughter.



  2. Well thought out and written, Pamela! Thank you.

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