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Gifts of the Hive

MickelberryGardensI have long enjoyed the benefits of raw honey, propolis, and other gifts provided by bees.

Though I’ve benefited from Herb Pharm’s throat spray, I recently tried a new one because I hoped it had a sweeter taste my kids would find more palatable.  I’m impressed!

I also am impressed by the maker’s smooth lip balm and their salve.  So I am passing their info on to y’all!

Mickelberry Gardens is the name, and they specialize in products made using gifts of the hive.

The run-down of the few products we have tried, all of which have impressed us:

The throat spray was quite palatable and very effective–spray it on your throat at the very first sign that you are getting sick.  A raw throat, a dry throat, an early sore throat.

The salve has been very beneficial to my husband’s cracking heels–soothes the pain.  I wish he’d use it more and actually heal the heel!  He also tried it soon after an insect bite and found relief.  I used it a day or two later and did not experience relief.

The lip balm is smooth and soft.  It feels like it truly soaks in and moisturizes.  As a moisture barrier, it does not last a super long time–I’d use Weleda for that.  But when I have a choice, I always reach for the Mickelberry Gardens lip balm.


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  1. Thanks Pamela! We love to hear what people think of our products and love it even more when they spread the word. 🙂 You have a lovely blog!

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