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Room Fresh

I thoroughly enjoy growing herbs and medicinals in my garden.  I haven’t used any of the medicinals as medicinals yet, but I like having them there anyway!

RoomFreshWideUntil last year, I’d only used the herbs for cooking or the occasional bouquet.  Last year, I read this Mountain Rose Blog post, and made the Garden Cologne with my daughter.  I used a variety of herbs – mint, lemon balm, lavender, sage, rosemary, bee balm …  Then I covered it with vodka, shook every day for 6 weeks, and harvested it.

It made the most remarkable room freshener.  We used it very successfully [much to our surprise, frankly] in the bathroom.  We have a few highly smell-sensitive people in our family, so that was a blessing.

Last year I think I made half of a quart.  This year, I’m making a lot, because the vodka makes it a disinfectant too, so I plan to put it in large bottles to use for that purpose.

Last year, I did put some into small spritzers for our bathrooms but also as one-of-a-kind gifts.

It was easy to do and well worth the investment of time.  Vodka can be purchased for about $8 per half-gallon, I think?  I used 40-proof last year but am trying 100-proof this year at the suggestion of the gentleman at the liquor store, who said everyone he knows who makes tinctures etc. uses 100-proof.  Whew, that stuff has a strong smell!

If you have some herbs to spare, I hope you’ll give this a try — it’s a great way to enjoy the harvest throughout the year, and to share it with loved ones too.


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