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Topical Homeopathic Treatment

One of my top combinations is now available as a gel, and it’s even more effective than the DIY version.

For issues occurring on or near the surface of your body, topical homeopathic treatment can be phenomenal.  They will only work for purely physical issues, though.  If you have an emotional cause for your ailment, a topical won’t help.

That said, I’ve seen topicals helpful for a whole range of issues from bumps to nerve repair, hives, eczema, and more.  I even keep a few already prepared and ready to use.

When you are on a homeopathic constitutional, except if you are exceptionally sensitive, a topical homeopathic can be a great way to get the relief homeopathy provides without the possibility of interfering with the benefits of your constitutional remedy.

For self-care, here are a few decent rules-of-thumb:

Homeopathic remedies made from herbal and medicinal plants that are used for topical benefit are likely to be helpful in topical treatment homeopathically, too.  These include remedies like Arnica [muscles, soft tissue], Calendula [fights infection], Hypericum [heals nerves].

Dilute a few pillules in unto 8 oz. of water.
Dilute a few pillules in unto 8 oz. of water.

Use potencies from the X’s on up to 30c and 200c.

Simply dilute it in water.  If you have a sugar pill form of the remedy, just dilute it in [purified, if possible] water and apply it topically.  If it is an open wound, and you want to make sure that there is no sugar in the water, you could dilute it one time, dump it, then refill with purified water again and use that to apply topically.

If you have used a cream at the store that is helpful, but you do not have it with you or it is not helping deeply enough or long enough, you could try this:

Looking at the active ingredients on the back of the tube/box/spray, locate the remedy[ies] that seem to have the action you most need.  Make note of the potency and the name of the remedy.

If it works well for you but you cannot take a tube/spray with you etc., try to find the remedy in the closest potency and use that to make your topical.  If you’re really in a pinch, simply ask your Guardian Angel to give you an energetic topical dose of it!

If the topical you normally use works only a little bit [either not well enough or not long enough], try increasing the potency in the topical that you prepare yourself.


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