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Laptop – A Pain in the H**d

Two isn’t a perfect sample size, to be sure, but by the analytic power invested in me through three years of law school, I am pretty certain of this one:  For pain in the palms, wrist, and forearm due to overuse of the laptop ‘mouse,’ try homeopathic Phytolacca.

LaptopMouseCause of Pain:

Doing a lot of work using the mouse that is on your laptop [as opposed to a separate, corded or wireless computer mouse] which results in pain in the palm of your hand, or in your wrist and forearm.  So, that would be the kind of project that involves a lot of scooting items around, moving this here and that there.  Maybe a presentation like on PowerPoint, or in my case specifying track breaks while I was digitizing my husband’s vinyl collection as a surprise for him.  Drag, click.  Drag, click.  Scooch, click.  Scooch back a bit, click.

The pain feels like a knotted muscle, like if you could just massage it out, it’d be fine.  But massage as you might, it just hurts, hurts, hurts.

Alleviation of Pain:

Homeopathic Phytolacca in 30c, taken as needed to treat the pain, alleviates the pain nicely.  I have also used Phytolacca 200c, but if you catch it early enough, 30c should be sufficient.

If you are going to continue with the type of scroll-and-select work that requires a lot of mouse work, you’ll probably want to get an ergonomic mouse, too.  But I am not an expert on that!

More on Phytolacca:

Phytolacca is widely available at health food stores in the Boiron homeopathic displays [the little blue plastic vials] and also can be beneficial for sore throats and mastitis [I’ve used it successfully for both, too].  Yet another example of the many different uses for a single remedy.



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