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A Working Example: I Hurt My Foot

We’re in the middle of the Homeopathy 101 series and I injured myself.  So I’m gonna use this as a working example!

My Trusty Arnica Spray!  It is the only remedy I keep in this all-white natural plastic spray bottle, so that we recognize it quickly and easily when we really need it quickly and easily!
My Trusty Arnica Spray! It is the only remedy I keep in this all-white natural plastic spray bottle, so that we recognize it quickly.

Last night, I dropped an iPad from my chest straight down on its side onto my bare foot.  I was surprised by how much it hurt.  And that I was the only one in my house who knew where to get the first aid remedies!  First, my eldest son grabbed the Arnica 200 spray that I keep around.

Here is a side-story:

Earlier yesterday, my daughterfot hurt, so I pulled out the Arnica spray.  She had been hit with a trapeze bar near her temple.  The area was starting to look bruised.  It was a red circle with a bruised, raised site of impact in the middle.  A dousing of the Arnica 200 spray did the trick and quickly.

But, I did notice that it was running low, so I refilled it.  Glad Spirit had me do that.

Because later in the day, she ran into my youngest while she was in her walker and he was in the swing.  They both were howling, which is unusual, but the injuries were just sporting pink circles.  No bumps or bruising.  Arnica spray for both of them and they were fine.

With all 3 of these injuries, the spray was sufficient–applying it immediately helped, and actually within minutes the appearance of injury began disappearing.

Foot Injury Remedy ComboSo, that evening, when I dropped the iPad on my foot I turned first to the Arnica spray [which was thankfully refilled!].  It helped but I could still see bumps and it still hurt immensely.  I wasn’t able to bear weight on it at all.  So I hopped over to the first aid drawer and pulled out these remedies & potencies:

Arnica 1M [Arnica for bruising/swelling, 1M because the 200c spray hadn’t helped]

Hypericum 1M [Hypericum because it was close to a nerve center and microdose of 1M because a bad injury to a major nerve center can be serious]

Rhus Tox 200c [Rhus Tox for ligaments/tendons because they are plentiful in the foot and 200c for a considerable injury]

Ruta 200c [Ruta for connective tissue and 200c for a considerable injury]

I just popped them into my mouth one at a time then hobbled over to the sofa and raised my foot, spraying it occasionally with the Arnica 200 spray over the course of the next hour.

The intense pain subsided within 10-20 minutes, but it did throb, the bruising was apparent but the swelling had gone down, I could wiggle my toes [so I figured I hadn’t broken anything], and occasionally a spike of pain would shoot into my toes.  That last bit worried me, but I took solace in the fact that the pains as shooting toward my toes rather than up toward more central nerve centers.  I also asked my husband, who does Reiki, to feel the energy of it as to whether it was worrisome and I should go to the ER [he said it sure hurt a lot but didn’t seem to be worrisome at that point].

Within an hour I could bear weight on it and walk up the stairs.  But as I got ready for bed, I realized I couldn’t bear weight on it for long, and even just standing while bearing weight primarily on my other foot was increasing the pain and throbbing in my injured foot.  I had prepared an overnight bottle of remedy water, just incase, so I took a dose before bed since the pain had worsened, albeit from bearing weight on it.

Foot Injury Remedy WaterIn 4 oz. of water in a glass swing-top bottle that I marked with washi paper tape as my signal to everyone else in the family that it was not drinking water, I had included the following remedies:  Arnica 1M [just a few granules because the swelling had all but disappeared], Hypericum 30c [reduced the potency because it did not seem like I had a major nerve injury after all], Rhus Tox 200c, and Ruta 200c [the latter two because my guess was that I had mainly injured ligaments/tendons/connective tissue].

I also sprayed my foot one more time with the Arnica 200 spray before heading to bed.  Putting my sock on was not as bad as I thought, and while I initially made sure the weight of the covers wasn’t resting on that foot, over the course of the night, my injury did not disturb my sleep.

Foot Next DayWhen I awoke, I was impressed with how well it felt., but by the time I got dressed and got my kids downstairs and their clothes on, etc., it was hurting again.  It also was so tender to the touch that I could not wear my slippers.  I had sprayed it with the Arnica 200 spray before putting on my sock, but at this point, I took a sip of the water remedy combination.  That helped tremendously again, and I could wear slippers again.  Midday, I removed my sock to take a photo for y’all, and the bruising is mild and dispersed.

With the 1M of the Arnica, I’ll probably only take one more dose of that remedy combination.  Then I’ll probably make a new combo with all of the remedies in 30c and add Calendula for that yellow bruising stage [to make sure it clears effectively].  I’ll take that a 1-3 times a day for probably another 2-3 days before it is resolved quite completely.

You might get some additional updates along the way.  ;]


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