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Flip Your Day, Find Your Way

I love teaching this stuff to my kids.  Then my kids turn around and teach it to me. 

I had just taught my eldest son about how to turn-around a day that isn’t going well by saying something believable*.  I told him that instead of declaring what a rotten day it was, he should say something like, “I am so glad this day turned out to be so incredible.”  He agreed to give it a go, and it turned his day around quickly.  He still uses it regularly and with good results.

A couple of weeks later, after a whole bunch of messes in a row, I went downstairs to get something to deal with yet another mess, and my eldest son was in the kitchen.  Both of us were having a time of it that day, but while I was wallowing in it, my son was saying, “I’m so glad …”  So I joined in with him, and that was all it took.  Turned my day around!  [Which reminds me, say thank you for every difficulty too, and we will be well on our way to making the most of our days and our lives.]

When The Going Is Tough:  When you are using an I Am statement to turn something around, make it a statement that you find believable.  That is why I suggested a statement that he could imagine himself saying at the end of the day–it is easier to imagine the day working out alright in the end when you’re in the midst of feeling rotten.

When You Want to Live With Purpose:  That’s also why I like an affirmation that doesn’t detail all of the little things but focuses on the big picture, like thinking/feeling/visualizing all day that at the end of the day you could proclaim, “I really lived this day to its fullest!”  At the very least, it is a reminder of what your highest priority is–to live the day to its fullest.

Maybe your priority is to maintain your calm, find your center, maintain inner peace.  Or maybe it is to feel that you lived in the moment, lived with purpose, or found your way.  Or to serve God in all you do and say.

You can turn your life around with it, too!

*This is a combo of Law of Attraction, The Magic  by Rhonda Byrnes, and what I learned in a Lifeclass with Oprah and Joe Osteen.

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