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Is Your Pain Physical?

This whole body-mind-spirit thing can be wondrous, confusing, or even whacky-sounding.  Sometimes, the connection doesn’t seem like such a leap–you know that your chronic cough started when you suffered the loss of a loved one, for example.  Emotional causes for things like the flu or a strained back can seem less obvious.

Here’s an easy way to tell the difference:

If you throw out your back or develop a stiff shoulder for no apparent reason or while doing something that is not that far out of the ordinary for you, it often has a non-physical cause.

Here are some examples, all of different people whose backs went out:

Someone’s back goes out while taking care of her daughter like she has done daily for three years.  All sorts of bodywork from chiropractors to cranial osteopaths fail to produce lasting results.  Finally, her homeopath treats her for her emotional state of feeling unsupported, and within an hour she can see a visible difference — and get some lasting relief.

Someone’s back goes out while reaching for something under the grill.  Hobbling in to a lunch meeting the next day, his lunch partner wonders how heavy those steaks were!  The homeopathic remedy that helps is Rhus Tox, known for issues involving ligaments and tendons, where the pain is worse on first motion and better with continued motion — and for mental exhaustion.  No surprise, this gent is at the end of a long and arduous project at work.  [Also not a surprise that it happened just before a weekend, when his body knew he could slow down a little bit to heal.]

Someone’s back goes out while throwing her ball for her dog like she does virtually constantly for her black lab puppy.  Her back is stiff and better for lying on a hard surface.  The homeopathic remedy that helps is Nitric Acid, which helps back pains like hers.  And people needing homeopathic Nitric Acid have some pretty deep trust issues typically going back to their childhoods.  At the time her back went out, these trust issues had reared their heads because she was trying to re-mortgage her house.

I believe that being aware of the emotional or mental issues giving rise to our physical ailments opens up additional possibilities for healing.  Just letting emotional pain see the light of day helps.

But if we can stay grounded and face the truth, it also can help us to acknowledge and release the causes of our pain.  The correct homeopathic remedy will help you do that, too, as will a host of other healing modalities such as EFT.  Sometimes, it’s even reassuring to know that it is … well … all in our heads.


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