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Overdoing It [and Homeopathy to the Rescue]

Stomach upset?  Muscles cranky?  Maybe even surprised to be hungover?

When we inadvertently overdo it, homeopathy can ease the consequences.  Try to learn from your mistake, though, and make an earnest promise to yourself that you will take your lesson to heart!

Tummy Ache

If you are nauseated and just plain feel icky, ask yourself whether you had too much coffee or tea the day before?  If so, homeopathic Chamomilla will help.

Spirit tipped me off to this when a friend of mine called me feeling awful one day.  Spirit told me she needed Chamomilla, but that is typically considered the domain of teething babies.  So I looked it up for her and discovered it can be helpful for ailments resulting from an excess of coffee or tea.  Sure enough, my friend said that the day before, she’d had twice the amount of a “mocha freeze” she typically drank as a treat.  Some time later, another friend called me for help and again Spirit told me Chamomilla would help her; sure enough, she’d had a surprisingly strong cup of green tea the previous afternoon in addition to her usual cup of morning coffee.

And if your stomach is upset after too much or too much rich food, Nux Vomica can help.

Achy Muscles

If you have undertaken a new workout, or you overdid an old one, leaving you with tired, sore muscles, you could try a dose of Arnica 6c for some relief.

Hung Over

If you are reeling from too much alcohol, or the consequences thereof, homeopathic Nux Vomica can help you detox [you can try it if you have trouble detoxing after laughing gas at the dentist, too].


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