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Circles of Light

Circles of Light
Circles of Light

Oh my, I like circles of light.  What I describe as Circles of Light are exchanges of joy and, essentially, love.  I actually use the word, “love” exceedingly sparingly.  But I know that when we act in God’s interest, we serve Him in love.  Love, from which all form is created and to which all form shall return.  To me, love is light, and light is love.

When we share something in love–a smile, a hope, a help–we start a circle of light.

Sometimes circles of light are tight–you offer in love and light, and love and light comes back to you.  You open the door for someone, you receive a smile of gratitude and joy in return.  Circle of light.

Some circles of light are bigger, and some are downright grand.

Healing, in any shape or form, joins circles of light–small, large, but most of all plentiful.

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