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Introductions to Homeopathy

If you are new to the concept of homeopathy, the two books I typically recommend are Beyond Flat Earth Medicine and Impossible Cure.  Beyond Flat Earth Medicine is written by an ND/MD and is a  simple introduction to the idea of homeopathy.  By comparison, Impossible Cure is a detailed introduction to homeopathy and can be especially helpful for those who are seriously interested in pursuing constitutional homeopathic treatment.  I have found both books at the library, too.

The National Center for Homeopathy [NCH] is another resource.  They put out a newsstand magazine called Homeopathy Today, which is aimed at introducing people to homeopathy and providing useful information to those new to homeopathy.  The NCH also is the main contact point in the United States for media, policy engagement, etc.  NCH membership also brings access to the Homeopathy Today archives and a couple of online homeopathic repertories.

Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathic Remedies

Beginners Level Home Treatment

For those interested in self-treatment using homeopathy, I have found the following books and website useful:

Homeopathy for Children is a nice, basic book.  Even though it says it is for children, the indications are essentially the same for all ages.  In fact, I think prescribing for a child is harder, so this book makes it even easier to find a remedy for an adult.  The remedy descriptions are detailed and offered in bullet-point lists.  It also offers a dosing schedule, etc.

Healing with Homeopathy is a nice introductory book written by MD’s who use homeopathy. also has [FREE!] detailed descriptions of homeopathic remedies used for common ailments such as cough and injuries.  [A quick tip:  catarrh is basically mucous.]

Helios also makes homeopathic kits that are completely self-contained and compact.  The remedies are in small vials [though each pillule is a dose, so each vial contains 30-some doses].  It also contains a small booklet that describes how to use the kit and homeopathic remedies.

Intermediate Level Home Treatment

A detailed book for homeopathic self-care, Homeopathic Medicine at Home, has remedy options for each ailment, and then each section ends with a comparative table that can be very helpful.

Miranda Castro is a great resource for acute prescribing in homeopathy, and her simplified repertory and materia medica are a great next step.  The Complete Homeopathic Handbook is mainly a materia medica with a repertory at the back.  Materia Medica is the detailed description of each remedy, and the Repertory is essentially a list of symptoms followed by the remedies that can benefit those suffering those symptoms.  [Incidentally, her succinct write-up on cell salts also is of interest to the intermediate home user, and her flu remedies article with summarizing table is a nice resource too.]

Additionally, there are books written to help the home user treat pets, plants and home gardens, livestock, farm animals, horses, and even farm crops.

Homeopathic Courses

There are a number of homeopathy schools around the world, many of which are conforming to standards that allow for certification as a homeopath upon graduation.

If you want to learn more about homeopathy for use with family and friends or to become a lay homeopath, you can do it from home through a variety of courses, including Luminos, which is the online program with which I started.  Luminos has an online foundation course and a more advanced Homeopathic Master Clinician course, which takes place in person.

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