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The Sooner The Better

The sooner you get to an issue, the better.  Pretty much always, and with every modality.  For acute issues and issues that have become chronic.

This is why I am a huge proponent of treating children [yes, even babies] who are having a tough time.  And one reason I carry remedies with me at all times.

Many issues result from some sort of trauma.  The sooner you remove that traumatic layer from your body and psyche, the better!  You will still remember it and be informed by it, but it will no longer have a hold on your body or your emotions.

We can even take a simple example like a baby who enters the world with a physical issue.  The resulting accommodations–logistical, emotional, in parenting–can change the parent-child dynamic, the child’s expectations of the world, etc.  The longer they persist, the more likely they are to be internalized by the child, etc.

It is exactly like habit formation—it is easier to prevent a bad habit than it is to break one.

And it’s a bit like making a snowman out of a snowball.

Prevent Trauma from Taking Hold

I like to keep Rescue Remedy [a Bach Flower Essence] and homeopathic Aconite [for fright, shock, trauma] with me.  I find Rescue Remedy and EFT helpful for milder situations, and Aconite 200c tends to be what I use if I’m so upset that I’m shaking or my child is so upset s/he cannot catch a breath to speak.  It resolves the fright so that we can deal with the situation at hand calmly, which has lovely practical implications!  It also heals the fear immediately so that it doesn’t have a chance to get a foothold.

I carry a single dose of Arnica 200 with me everywhere!
I carry a single dose of Arnica 200 with me everywhere!

The cause of the emotion, and the emotional state itself, are clear in that moment and the moments that follow.  That makes them exceedingly easy to treat right then.  But if you let “time heal all wounds,” without addressing the actual emotional injuries as well as any physical injuries, the physical injuries might heal while the emotional ones simply fester.  You might be able to look back and say, “It all started after that incident.”  And you might be able to recall the emotions that arose then.  But often we simply don’t recall all of those details or are simply in the habit of ignoring our emotions.

Prevent Sickness or Ailments from Taking Hold

There are numerous proponents of leaving fevers/colds/coughs/flu’s to do their thing, but if you simply do not have the wherewithal to do that, the earlier you treat them, the better your results are likely to be.  If you’re really in-touch with your body, you’ll know when you’re just a bit too fatigued or you have a vaguely sore throat, and you can boost your immune system with vitamin C and the like.  Homeopathically, you can take something like Ferrum Phosphoricum 6x or 6c or 30c when you are feeling those early symptoms.  If it comes on suddenly and with vigor, you could take a small dose [5-10 granules] of homeopathic Oscillococcinum to try to stop it in its tracks.

For physical ailments, I carry Arnica 200c with me at all times–I even put it in a waterproof iPhone case for the beach and pool!  It doesn’t cover everything, but it is the one thing most likely to help in most situations where you are in an uh-oh state!  In fact, recently on a family trip to the beach, my husband was stung by something when a wave rushed in while working on a sandcastle.  He took the stinger out immediately, and I gave him a dose of Arnica 200.  At that point, we had no idea what it was, only that it wasn’t good.  It helped tremendously, even though Arnica is not the most oft-described remedy for assisting with stings, bites, or the like.

Prevent a Chronic Issue from Worsening

For chronic issues, the sooner you address them, the better, in my opinion and my experience.  Chances are that you will need the help of a healer with that, so start asking around for some referrals!


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