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What about Resonances?

Though mostly what I practice would be classified as classical homeopathy, I recently have begun working a little bit with resonances.  What is appealing about the resonances is that they are simple in designation and form.  Whereas classical homeopathy treats the individual, resonances treat the disease or trauma.  So, for instance, there are resonances for spina bifida, birth trauma, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s.  Resonances can be used alone or in conjunction with homeopathy.

My experience with the resonances is still new, but in general, the response has been positive.  Some more positive than others.  Some simply sleep better [some a lot better], and some have had physical complaints abate with use of the resonances.  Almost everyone also is on a homeopathic constitutional remedy as well.  The resonances simply provide a second route of healing.

So, for instance, one person who is using a resonance reports very sound sleep, and longer sleep, with the resonance.  In addition, the frequency of dosing for the constitutional homeopathic remedy lessened with the use of the resonance.  However, the discontent and cognitive activity that were the hallmarks of the time to re-dose with the constitutional remedy do recur, resulting in a redose, then improve again with the redose.  So there does seem to be a symbiotic relationship.

The story below is like that.  Catherine had been on a constitutional homeopathic remedy that had done wonders for her–it had increased her cognition, resulting in greater contentment and ability to be alone for longer periods and without constant entertainment.  Catherine also had improved immune function and better sleep–her sleep medication was half what it once was.

When I heard about the resonances, I asked Catherine’s mom if she wanted to try the Birth Trauma resonance for her daughter [her daughter’s birth was traumatic and the source of her physical problems].  As with the person described previously, Catherine continues to benefit from her constitutional homeopathic remedy, but she also is  benefitting from the Birth Trauma remedy.  Initially, she noticed that Catherine was able to fall asleep quickly.  The constitutional remedy was helping her sleep through the night, but the nightly Birth Trauma resonance was helping her fall asleep quickly, whereas it used to take 2-3 hours.  That’s serious moola in the Mama Resources Bank!  But the benefits heightened, as her mother describes:

Catherine has suffered from constipation pretty regularly (no pun intended, hee hee) for most of her life.  We have tried many things including Miralax, increased fiber, increased liquids, essential oils, etc, etc  with varying levels of success, but mostly not.  The last year I have had to give her a laxative suppository once or twice a week and an occasional enema just to keep things moving.  We started giving Catherine this remedy about a month ago.  Since then, she has been able to have a Bowel Movement on her own about 80 percent of the time.  Before this, she was never able to get things moving without a suppository.  Further, Catherine has favored her left hand to the near exclusion of her right for the last four years since she discovered she had hands.  She occasionally moves her right hand, but only when I limit the movement of her left hand and not with any sort of accuracy.  Since using this remedy, Catherine has started using her right hand to bat at toys and reach for things in her field of vision.  She still is not able to grasp with either hand, but this newfound interest in her surroundings with BOTH hands is so exciting.  I am happy for her to be able to explore so much more and am anxious to see where this will take her.

Pamela has been incredibly patient with me as I have stubbornly dragged my feet into the world of Homeopathy.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and endlessly patient.  Spirit Homeopathy is so perfectly named for this incredibly gifted practitioner.


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  1. You title it ‘What are resonances?’ then don’t explain what they are. Being vague doesn’t help anyone.

    1. Aha, you are correct; thank you for taking the time to point this out!

      My, that was an old blog post–I wonder what drew you to it?

      I’ve created a link to an article written by Peter Chappell on his resonances, his being the resonances to which I refer in the article. And, I’ve changed the title of the article a bit.

      Again, thank you for taking your time to help improve this blog.

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