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Homeopathic Remedies Deliver Unconditional Love

In our efforts to bring full and complete healing to our daughter, we are working with Cynthia Slon, an amazing telepathic intermediary.  She is helping us apply unconditional love to further our daughter’s healing.  As part of that work, Cynthia told us that Spirit recommended that we watch an interview with Anita Moorjani, who had a near-death experience while in a coma.

While Ms. Moorjani was outside her body, she experienced unconditional love and understood that the reason for her physical pain and disease was that she had lived a life of fear.  Although she enjoyed being free of pain and discomfort in the other dimension, she also came to understand that if she returned to her body embracing the unconditional love that she’d felt on the other side, she would be fully healed very quickly.  As you might imagine, she did choose life, and she did heal completely and quickly, and now she shares her message of unconditional love with the world.

It got me thinking …

I had been noodling on why homeopathy helped my daughter so much more than the many other modalities we’ve tried, and I had decided that even though she typically receives her doses as seldom as once a month, the vibration of the remedy stays with her and she can continuously access it.

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Then I listened to Anita Moorjani and Cynthia Slon, and I began to wonder … perhaps homeopathic remedies are effective because they deliver the unconditional love that is the essence of the vital force of the elements of Creation offered in the homeopathic remedies?  I posited this to Cynthia, and she gave me this nugget of wisdom:

Unconditional love is the highest, most expansive vibration capable of creating matter.

I had to write it on my hand so that I could read and re-read it to absorb it!

And here is my thought process … Isn’t God the source of unconditional love?  And Creation is an expression of His love, including His creation of humans.  So all of us are embodiments of unconditional love.  We simply need to let it flow.  The same is true of the stars, the minerals, the fish, the flowers, the insects, and every other expression of vital force … mother’s milk, water, sunlight, moonlight …

When Creation offers itself to a homeopathic remedy, perhaps it offers that vibration to be used as a means of unlocking unconditional love, of letting it flow so that it can create, bridge, restore, heal.

That’s such a beautiful thought, I feel like I need to include a break here to absorb it and let you do the same!

Then I tried re-routing the line of thinking … What is unconditional love?  God is unconditional love.  It is the Source of Creation.  And the Source is energy, which underlies all matter.  So if unconditional love is this pure energy, perhaps that is what gets distilled into homeopathic remedies.

And that brings me back to Cynthia’s statement:  Unconditional love is the highest, most expansive vibration capable of creating matter.

Like Maya Angelou, so touched by knowing that God loves her, I am overcome with gratitude that Creation would give to us so generously, so that we might heal.  Imagine the generosity, the Grace.


Amazingly, the very afternoon that I began thinking about this, I received what I took as confirmation.

I really enjoy Oprah and her Super Soul Sunday show.  She recently interviewed India Arie, an interview which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I don’t even remember why, exactly, but I felt connected to Ms. Arie, like we had a lot in common and could sit and chat for hours … even though she’s a musician and I’m a homeopath!  Perhaps the way she feels about her music is how I feel about homeopathy … butI digress.

Oprah invited Ms. Arie back to Super Soul Sunday for a second show, and a quote from that show appeared on the OWN Facebook feed:  “Love is the most powerful energy in the universe.”

No wonder homeopathy is so powerful–homeopaths [generally] meet a person where they are, without judgment.  This is a place of unconditional love.  Then the remedy is given, embodying and delivering unconditional love for the unburdening of the receiving person, animal, or plant.

That is one beautiful process, and I am honored to be a part of it.

But my thought process on this is still going … so I’d be glad to hear your thoughts on the matter too!

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