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“As Needed”: What does that mean?

In general, the dosing concept followed in homeopathy is the “minimum dose.”  That means we give the lowest potency at the least frequency required to effectively treat the issue at hand.

True to its individualistic approach, even the dosing will be different for different people and different situations.

For a chronic issue, generally [but not always] my goal is to select a potency that will last at least 2-4 weeks between doses.  In that scenario, you would take one dose of the remedy when you receive it.  You should keep track of [1] the benefits you experience from the remedy and [2] when you take the remedy to help you realize when it is time to re-dose.  [There’s more info on tracking your progress on the Getting Started page.]

So you’re tracking your progress.  You notice that after you take the remedy, your symptoms improve.  Jot down what gets better [e.g., sleep is more restful, pain reduced 80%, didn’t get sick when the rest of the house did, was able to do schoolwork that previously seemed impossible].  Enjoy that improvement!

If you notice a sag in your progress [e.g., sleep not quite as restful, a little more pain, trouble with schoolwork], jot that down too.  There is an ebb and flow to healing, so sometimes we experience a dip and then progress again.  Sometimes, the dip remains a dip, even after a few days.  At that time, it typically is time to re-dose.

Typically, we develop a pattern with a remedy and potency — one person might need to re-dose every 12 days while another person tends to need another dose every 21 days.  If you feel you need to re-dose sooner than I advised you, contact me before re-dosing because we might need to adjust the potency.

Meanwhile, enjoy the healing!


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